Acrylic Glitter Flower Blanks (FL120) 15mm - 10 Pack

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Laser Cut Acrylic Glitter Flower Blank Shapes 15mm - 10 Pack

Cut from high quality Acrylic, approximately 3mm thick.

Can be cut with or without a 2mm hole.

The size is based on the the biggest dimension. 

Glitter Colours (G) have glitter all the through from front to back and has a gloss finish. 

Foil Glitter (FG) has glitter on one side but can been seen from the other side of the acrylic, is foil like in appearance and different sizes.  Has a gloss finish and approximately 4mm thick

Chunky and Dot Glitter (C, D) has glitter on one side but can been seen from the other side of the acrylic but the glitter are different sizes and has a gloss finish. 

Clear Foil Glitter (CF) is clear acrylic with glitter throughout, however the glitter pieces are more sparse and as the acrylic is see through it would not really suits being a stud.

Ripple Shimmer (RS) has a ripple effect to the front and back however there is fine glitter spread on the front only.  Has a gloss finish. 

These circles have many uses from Jewellery, Earring Creating, Crafting, Vinyl or whatever your imagination can think of!

All items are sent with a protective film still on. This is simply to avoid scratches during transit. Gently remove it to reveal the finish.

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