Our Story


About ME

ADOHRN Creations was created by me, Beck, in 2014 as a small hobby whilst on maternity leave and when I eventually went back to work part time. With a move away from Sydney suburbia in 2016 to the beautiful NSW South Coast, it inspired me to work harder and I purchased my first laser machine in late 2018.

I am a mum to 3 beautiful children. Life is certainly busy and crazy at times (most of the time!) but my family means the world to me. Being able to work from home allows me to be there for my kids.

ADOHRN Creations is a one woman show, I'm not a big business, and I don't have any employees - it's just me! When I'm replying to messages it could be from work space or I could be out an about, in between doing things with my kids, school drop off and pick up or laying in bed late at night. 

I love what I do and my business is still evolving, my mind is always overflowing with creativity. When you purchase an item from me, you are supporting my family - and for that, I will be forever grateful. 

Beck xo